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WL Lax
Donald Wright
Board President
Sunya Grantham
Natasha Englund
About West Linn Girls Youth Lacrosse 

Since 1996, West Linn Girls Lacrosse has been dedicated to growing girls lacrosse.  As one of the founding programs, establishing girls lacrosse in Oregon, we are committed to teaching the skills, but more importantly, the values of the game.

West Linn Girls Youth Lacrosse is made possibly by volunteers. Our coaches as well as the WLGYL Board are volunteers, parents and community members. Current and former WLHS lacrosse players volunteer their time in the youth program as well. Our coaches and board members volunteer their time in an effort to grow the game of lacrosse here in Oregon, promote physical activity for all youth and develop the character, leadership and collaboration skills of our youth both on and off the field. Lacrosse is about much more than winning on game day. 

Meet our 2024 West Linn Girls Youth Lacrosse Board Members!

Chairperson of the Board- Sunya Grantham
President- Donald Wright
Vice President- Robyn Bodin
Secretary- Jim Shipp
Treasurer- Natasha Englund

Non-Voting Members of the board include Program Administration, Coach Liaison, and other members at large. If you are interested in being a part of the board, voting or otherwise, or interested in learning more about future board positions and needs please reach out to wlgirlslax@gmail.com. We cannot do this work without volunteers! We thank you in advance for whatever time/effort you are able to give to our organization as we grow and build a sustainable program to continue the West Linn Lax tradition.